Vivian Hsu experiences flatulence and swelling

Vivian Hsu is thankful for her cousin, who has been by her side during her difficult pregnancy

Vivian Hsu experiences flatulence and swelling

Taiwanese artiste Vivian Hsu, who is expecting her baby to arrive very soon, is currently suffering from edema, an abnormal accumulation of fluid under the skin which causes swelling.

The 40-year-old posted a photo of her swollen leg on Facebook, “Now that I’m in my final stages of pregnancy, everything I’m expecting to happen [during pregnancy] is happening. I’ve had swollen skin for days now, and I took pictures as a memoir! I know that as I keep drinking my mother-in-law’s homemade red bean drink, the swelling will gradually reduce, and then bye-bye [to water retention].”

She revealed that in order to reduce the severity of her edema condition, she needs to stop eating fruits and vegetables after 4 pm and only takes little sips of water after 9 pm.

Vivian also expressed her appreciation to her cousin for always taking care of her, giving her daily massages, cleaning her up and even enduring her “excessive flatulence” in the room.

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