Vivian Hsu experiences ‘atas’ hair wash in hospital

Vivian Hsu went five days without a hair wash and thought that she resembled a rattlesnake when she finally washed her hair

Vivian Hsu experiences ‘atas’ hair wash in hospital

Taiwanese celebrity and pregnant mama Vivian Hsu has been hospitalised since Monday (April 20) due to diarrhoea and vomiting. The mum-to-be won’t be discharged till her condition gets better. Since she has been on bed rest one month ago, Vivian has been actively updating her social media accounts, talking to fans and asking other mothers about their pregnancy experiences as well.

As she is on strict orders from the doctor to stay on bed, she has not washed her hair for the past five days. Unable to withstand the condition of her oily tresses, the 40-year-old posted a photograph of getting her hair washed by the hospital’s hair care service on Facebook yesterday.

According to Vivian’s description, the hospital’s hair-washing services are very complicated and she’d need to rest her head against a portable water container in order to wash her hair. The singer-actress even said that she thinks she resembles a rattlesnake in the photograph, enjoying life even when it’s hard.

She added that the services are charged according to hair length and since she has long hair, she said that she wished her hair was short so that it would not be so expensive just to wash her hair. She even decided to cut her hair next month so that it would be easier.

When netizens saw all that she was going through, staying in the hospital just to avoid a miscarriage, they left even more messages of encouragement and sent her wishes for a smooth baby delivery.

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