Vivian Hsu has difficulties digesting food

Vivian Hsu still faces difficulties with her bedridden state, but stays positive

Vivian Hsu has difficulties digesting food

At five months pregnant, Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu has to stay in bed and receive injections to keep her blood pressure in check and improve her blood circulation.

From her recent hospital visit, 40-year-old Vivian posted new pictures on Facebook of herself in bed. 

She captioned, “Although I have to stay in bed every day, I will keep holding on! The only difference is, the doctor has told me that I have a limit to how much I am allowed to sit up, so I cannot read my books properly!

Apart from watching what I eat, I also need to keep track of how I position my body. Since this is the highest angle that I can sit up, then I’ll just switch to watching DVDs!”

Until now, Vivian is staying positive and keeps looking on the bright side. She even gave herself some encouragement: “Keep it up and take it easy, Steel V.”

Additionally, she posted a picture of her enjoying a meal that incorporates beef steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli and toasted bread, lovingly prepared by her businessman husband Sean Lee.

Vivian posted, “Meal time is my favourite time of the day because I can sit up slightly more! Thank you for cooking steak for me even though you are busy working… I hadn’t eaten western food in so long!”

She continued to explain that she found her husband’s special sauce, broccoli and toasted bread “really delicious” and described his cooking as a “delicacy”. She also said that she wanted to return the favour after she’s given birth.

Netizens are both envious and rooting for the mother-to-be, who has been advised not move about too much for the safety of her baby.

The singer-actress also admitted that she finds it difficult to digest food because she has to lie down soon after eating and endure the discomfort.

Vivian isn’t letting her immobile state dampen her spirits and continues to constantly interact with her fans online.

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