Vivian Hsu is expecting a baby boy

The gender of Vivian Hsu’s baby has been revealed 

Vivian Hsu is expecting a baby boy

On Mother’s Day yesterday, mum-to-be Vivian Hsu revealed her baby’s gender in an Instagram post that showed an image from her ultrasound scan.

She wrote in the voice of her unborn baby boy: “Hi aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters, I am little V. This is me when I was 16 weeks old. Look at my strong legs and tiny feet. Thanks everyone for the concern all this while. My mummy has been working hard and I am very healthy!”

“The number of injections that she has taken in the past few months is more than that of what she has ever had in her entire life. In fact, she still needs to take about 300 more jabs. I will definitely grow up to be a brave man like my dad to protect my mummy!” Vivian added in her post.

The 40-year-old, who was recently discharged from the hospital, has been ordered to minimise physical activities and to use a wheelchair when moving about until she gives birth.

Vivian also shared that her mother and mother-in-law were overjoyed when they learned of her pregnancy. Thus, she promises to pay heed to the doctor’s advice so that she will have a smooth delivery to a healthy baby boy. “This would be the best Mother’s Day gift that I could give them!” the singer exclaimed.

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