Vivian Hsu leaves home for first time in weeks

The pregnant actress, who is currently on bedrest, rejoiced when she made a short trip to the hospital

Vivian Hsu leaves home for first time in weeks

Taiwanese multi hyphenate Vivian Hsu, who has been pregnant for over four months, suffered from weak health in the early stages of pregnancy.

Since her discharge from the hospital late last month (24 April), 40-year-old Vivian has been on strict bedrest orders up until yesterday, when she went to the hospital for a check-up.

Apart from enjoying her short trip outdoors, the singer-actress was also in high spirits as her overseas friends were in town to visit her and the bump. In photos posted on social media, the mother-to-be posed with her baby bump as her friends touched her round belly.

In one of the posts, she wrote: “I can finally go out! Yeah! Even though it’s just to go to the hospital check-up, but it’s all good fun! Plus, to have my friends come from afar makes me very happy.”

While fans are happy to see her in such a positive state, they thoughtfully reminded her that pregnant women should still get a lot of rest and maintain good control over their emotions to avoid over-exciting themselves.

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