Vivian Hsu needs to upsize to XL pants

Mother-to-be Vivian Hsu needs to start wearing extra-large pants as her current pants are too tight

Vivian Hsu needs to upsize to XL pants

Less than four months to her baby’s due date, Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu has been posting photos of her pregnancy very often on Facebook to pass the time.

Yesterday, Vivian posted a photograph of her big belly and revealed that she needs to try wearing extra-large sized pants because the elastic band on the pants she wore had left “train track” marks on her growing tummy.

Now that the 40-year-old mother has seen how tight her L-sized pants fit, she expressed that she was worried about increasing in size because she still needs to continue nourishing her body.

Vivian Hsu needs to upsize to XL pants

The netizens who have already gone through pregnancy explained to Vivian online that it’s no surprise that her pants are getting tight. One even commented, “If you’re an XL now, you can expect to be an XXL later on…”

Judging from Vivian’s recent photos, netizens have observed that her face has only gotten slightly plumper and conclude that she definitely does not need to worry about getting out of shape.

Vivian, who got hitched to her Singapore-based businessman husband in 2014, has suffered quite a bit during her early stages of pregnancy as she was at risk of having a miscarriage and needed to be hospitalised. Even after being discharged, she still was bedridden at home.

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