Vivian Hsu nursing newborn “like a cow”

The new mum loses 6 kg in 10 days after childbirth

Vivian Hsu

Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu revealed on Facebook that she’s living the life of a “cow and sow” after delivery, and lost 6 kg in 10 days. On Sunday, she shared with fans via Facebook that she has passed the stage of swollen breasts and uterine contractions, saying, “Really, it’s no ordinary pain! I can only say, ‘Respect to women.’”

Taiwan media reports that Vivian is recuperating and in confinement now, after she gave birth to a son in Singapore on August 13.

Vivian also shared that water retention has dissipated, and that she is not intentionally losing weight, as her and her baby’s health is most important

At the end of her first trimester, Vivian took her doctor’s suggestion and stayed in bed in hospital to await delivery. After being confined to bed for months (143 days in total), she expressed doubt on Facebook about getting her figure back. “Will I be able to return to the way I was? Still far from that,” she wrote.

Vivian Hsu powers through post-pregnancy rehabilitation

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