Vivian Hsu reunited with mother and sister in Singapore

The Taiwanese singer-actress previously arranged for her family to fly over to Singapore

Vivian Hsu and husband Sean Lee
Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu, who is based in Singapore after tying the knot with her businessman husband Sean Lee last June, recently arranged for her mother and older sister to visit the sunny island. As Vivian did not return to Taiwan for Chinese New Year, the gathering was considered as a reunion in advance.

“My in-laws have elderly relatives who specially flew back to Singapore from America, so I couldn’t go back [to Taiwan],” Vivian explained.

Vivian Hsu reunited with mother and sister in Singapore

According to Vivian’s manager, the singer’s mum specially brought Sean’s parents to various destinations when they visited Taiwan last year. This time around, Sean displayed the same hospitality by hosting his mother-in-law and sister-in-law in his house. Sean’s family is even said to have organised a banquet for their guests.

Along with Vivian’s family, the couple also visited various tourist spots in Singapore, such as Madame Tussauds at Sentosa. “Sean’s family dotes on Vivian very much. I feel relieved about her living here,” Vivian’s mother said. 

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