Vivian Hsu’s baby waves to her in ultrasound photos

25 weeks pregnant, Vivian Hsu posts a photo of her baby “waving” for the ultrasound camera

Vivian Hsu’s baby waves to her in ultrasound photos

On Wednesday, Taiwanese actress-singer Vivian Hsu uploaded her baby’s ultrasound photos on Facebook and revealed that her doctor is concerned that the baby might have a premature birth.

Vivian wrote the caption from the perspective of her baby and said, “I’m almost 30 cm now, and I’ll be hitting 800 g soon! Very healthy! The doctor is worried that mummy will give birth early, so I will work hard with mummy and try to grow even more quickly. Hopefully I can reach 2 kg soon and set everyone at ease.”

In the ultrasound photo, her baby looked as if he was extending his hand to “wave” at the camera, and the mum to-be gushed: “He has long fingers and toes like me.”

In the comments, Vivian said that her baby is currently at the 25-week mark and that she wants to work towards reaching her 28th week safely, then reach the end goal of the 32nd week.

Vivian Hsu’s baby waves to her in ultrasound photos

Netizens tried to suggest how to increase her baby’s weight as well, saying that there’s no harm in trying to eat more beef, durian and chicken, but she replied that durians have high sugar content and that she doesn’t want to risk getting diabetes.

Vivian has been pregnant with “Lee-V Baby” for six months now, and has been having a difficult time with her pregnancy due to her age (she is 40 years old this year) and the foetal position in her body is lower than average. She needs to work harder to increase her baby’s weight as there is a greater risk of a miscarriage or premature birth in her current condition.

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