Vivian Hsu’s son discharged from hospital after 29 days

Actress celebrates newborn’s first month with photo of his profile

Vivian Hsu

Taiwanese singer–actress and first-time mum Vivian Hsu shared a photo of her newborn son, Dalton, on Instagram to commemorate the infant’s being discharged from hospital on Friday, having spent 29 days in an incubator after being born premature at barely 33 weeks.

In an Instagram post on that day, the actress shared her thoughts on being a new mother and neglecting her own recovery to care for Dalton.

On Facebook yesterday, Vivian also shared a photo of her son’s profile, adding that she had finally trimmed the infant’s fingernails after relating her bewilderment last month at when and how to do it.

She added that she has trimmed fingernails for only four other people, and this was the first time she did it for such a small infant.

Vivian also shared that between her pregnancy and her nearly five months spent in a hospital bed awaiting delivery, she has not had a manicure for eight months. She said she would definitely head to a nail spa after she returns to Taiwan.

Fans left the actress comments including, “New mum Vivian still likes to doll herself up,” “Goddess, you’re beautiful even without manicures.”

Others praised Dalton’s looks, saying, “From Dalton’s profile he looks like a Eurasian baby,” “He will grow up to be a dreamboat,” “This family of three are all so good-looking.”

Dalton was born in Singapore on August 13 by c-section.

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