Vivian Hsu shares family photo on Mother’s Day

Singer-actress denies playing favourites with two step-daughters and son


Vivian Hsu uploaded a picture of her family of five on Mother’s Day yesterday, and revealed that her step-daughters had given her flowers and a comic strip featuring a rabbit that they had drawn themselves. Vivian, who was born in the year of the rabbit, was very touched by the presents given to her, and remarked that the comic strip was really “very cute”.

The Taiwanese singer-actress gave birth to her son, Dalton last year, and frequently posts updates about him online. Recently, she was accused of favouritism by netizens, who alleged that she didn’t care about her stepdaughters. Vivian then posted a lengthy post in retaliation, and explained that she was concerned about the privacy of her step-daughters, thus, she would ask for their approval before posting pictures of them, as a form of respect.

It was also reported that Vivian is currently living in Singapore together with her two step-daughters. In order to be able to send them to school, the 41-year-old was said to have went for a driving test in Singapore to obtain a local driving license.


She has also shared that usually, she likes to help them paint their nails and even clean their ears. The singer-actress will also look for them for a chat once she gets home from overseas work schedules, just like sisters.

On Mother’s Day yesterday, other than receiving presents from her step-daughters, Vivian also went for a swim with her family. While the older daughter did not join in as she had to go for tuition, Vivian’s younger stepdaughter and Dalton had fun in the pool. After the swim, a first for 9-month-old Dalton, the family of five had lunch together with Vivian’s parents-in-law.

Vivian married Singaporean-based businessman Sean Lee in late-2014. Sean has two daughters from his previous marriage.

Photos: PBE Media

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