Vivian Hsu spotted in Taipei for the first time since giving birth

Actress seen taking her newborn, Dalton, to hospital


Taiwanese actress and singer Vivian Hsu, 40, has appeared in Taipei for the first time since she gave birth and completed her confinement in Singapore.

Vivian was seen yesterday taking her 4-month-old son, Dalton, to hospital. The baby is reportedly down with his first cold; Singapore is warmer, but Taiwan suffered a cold snap recently, the actress said.

The consultation lasted half an hour, after which Vivian headed to the registration counter with Dalton and appeared to fill out some forms.

The actress is reportedly hosting friends and family in her Taiwan home, but she doesn’t want to be seen in public because she hasn’t returned to her pre-baby figure yet.

“It’ll take time to recover muscle strength,” Vivian remarked on her fleshier-than-usual legs. “But now I can singlehandedly carry my 6-kg son with no trouble!”

She gave birth to Dalton in Singapore on August 13.

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