Vivian Hsu suffers from muscle atrophy

Confined to the bed during her pregnancy, Vivian Hsu now requires physio exercise to recover from muscle atrophy 

Vivian Hsu suffers from muscle atrophy
After successfully giving birth to her son last Thursday, Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu now needs to undergo physio exercise for muscle atrophy (a decrease in muscle mass) caused by the prolonged period of time that she spent in bed during her pregnancy.

Vivian announced the arrival of her baby boy in a Facebook post yesterday. The 40-year-old shared that her son’s eyes resemble hers, while the rest of his features looks like her husband Sean Lee’s.

The singer also explained the meaning behind the child’s name Dalton Lee: “Both my husband’s and my English names end with ‘n’. Our daughters (from Sean’s previous marriage) are named Clara and Elisa. ‘D’ is in between ‘C’ and ‘E’, which symbolises a complete and harmonious family.”

Sources claimed that Vivian had to remain in hospital for observation after the delivery, as she was feeling weak due to the painful surgical wound and the swelling in her breasts as a result of breastfeeding.

Currently recuperating at home, Vivian’s husband, mother-in-law and cousin are taking turns to look after the newborn baby. Her mother, who has specially flown to Singapore, also brought along a confinement menu designed for women who gave birth via caesarean section.

According to Vivian’s manager, the new mummy intends to continue breastfeeding for six months to give her son “the most natural nutrition”. Thus, the singer will not resume work for the time being and her earliest comeback date is estimated to be in March next year.

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