Vivian Hsu takes first bath in 162 days

Actress’s dark-coloured herbal bathwater gets mistaken for grimy used water

Vivian Hsu

After a 162-day marathon of staying dry, Taiwanese singer–actress Vivian Hsu has finally taken a bath.

Yesterday, Vivian shared on Facebook: “After the 162nd day, I’ve finally taken a bath!” along with a photo of a pail of dark-coloured water, a Chinese herbal mixture that took 1.5 hours to prepare.

While many fans posted supportive comments to the new mother on her recovery from childbirth and expressed admiration for the suffering pregnant women go through, some fans reacted with shock to the photo, thinking that it was the bathwater Vivian was to throw out.

“That would truly be horrifying!” Vivian replied.

Vivian, 40, stayed in bed in hospital for the good part of her pregnancy and endured more than 300 injections to prevent miscarriage before giving birth to her first child, Dalton Lee, by c-section on August 13 in Singapore.

She obeyed every Chinese folk belief while in confinement, including covering up completely when venturing outdoors and putting off bathing for the entire confinement period after childbirth.

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