Vivian Hsu talks about making sacrifices for her child

Mother-to-be Vivian Hsu’s baby is expected to be born in October

Vivian Hsu talks about making sacrifices for her child

Taiwanese actress-singer Vivian Hsu announced that she is over three months pregnant with her first baby on March 20. Apart from being bedridden with diarrhoea and vomiting, she would take care of her body by eating healthy and consuming the right nutrients every day. Even though she was stuck in bed, she still wanted to play the guitar for her baby’s antenatal training.

Yesterday, on Facebook, she shared a photograph of her breakfast spread as well as a picture of her and her Indonesian businessman husband Sean Lee. In the picture, the two are wearing large bear-like ear muffs and Sean is hugging Vivian from the back.

Vivian also mentioned on Facebook about the changes she needed to make since becoming pregnant. She explained that she used to be able to take two to three glasses of red wine when she drank with her husband on special occasions, but now she needs to abstain not only from alcohol, but also from her favourite ice cream and her daily latte.

The model posted, “I’m more than happy to make these sacrifices. I just need to bite the bullet and get through this period! This is the difference between a man and woman during this stage. My respect goes out to all women!”

In other news, Vivian’s representative disclosed, “Vivian will be conceiving naturally and the baby is expected to be born in October.” 

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