Vivian Hsu toughens up for her baby

Vivian Hsu posted a picture of her red eyes on Facebook, revealing that she has to “be strong” for the sake of her baby

Vivian Hsu toughens up for her baby

It is reported that Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu was hospitalised earlier this week, bedridden with diarrhoea and vomiting. Since then, she has been strictly following the “ten commandments of avoiding miscarriages” which includes abstaining from drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy snacks and even having her daily latte.

However, 40-year-old Vivian suddenly posted a photo on Facebook with her red eyes and said, “People always say that pregnant women love to cry! I only allowed myself to be fragile for three minutes. After that, I have to be strong! My precious Little V, mummy will become Iron V for you!

It appears that Vivian has become one of those pregnant women who experiences frequent mood swings, but for the sake of her baby, she has not dared to be too self-indulgent, forcing herself to toughen up and become “Iron V”.

Netizens are supporting Vivian with messages on Facebook like “come on, fight for the baby” and “no more tears after the count of three”.

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