Wang Feng hospitalised for acute pharyngitis and put on drip

Chinese rock musician’s condition overshadowed by a wedding band on his ring finger

Wang Feng 1

Chinese singer and Voice of China 4 judge Wang Feng has come down with acute pharyngitis soon after ending his three-year concert tour, and was hospitalised and put on drip.

But a Weibo photo Mr Zhang Ziyi uploaded yesterday afternoon received more attention for the wedding band on his finger than the needle stuck up his hand.

In his Weibo post, Wang Feng wrote, “Ziyi once told me that every time she completes filming for a movie she’ll feel like she’s fallen sick, it’s tiring!”

Wang Feng 2

Internet users seemed more interested in Wang Feng’s wedding band, with one commenter joking, “It looks like this won’t make the headlines.”

Since publicly announcing his relationship with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, Wang Feng has had his major news releases overshadowed by bigger stories, making him a sort of joke in China for always missing out on becoming front-page news. 

The singer also denied rumours he would leave Voice of China.

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