Wang Feng retaliates against ex’s rant about Zhang Ziyi

‘What else have you done besides hurting the child’s feelings?’ he writes in Weibo note


Chinese rock musician Wang Feng, 44, has broken his silence and lashed out at his former girlfriend, model Ge Huijie, for her continual rants against his fiancee, actress Zhang Ziyi, 37.

In a lengthy note posted on Weibo on Tuesday, Wang Feng wrote: “Besides keeping up the antics, contradicting yourself, attacking (me) and hurting the child’s feelings, what else have you done?”

“Since (our daughter) was born, have you cared for her for even a day? You say I refuse to let you see her, don’t you feel ashamed? Do you remember the year you last visited our girl?”

The former couple have one daughter, Apple, 11 this year, who recently appeared in Ziyi’s Weibo photos carrying a backpack from the same brand as Ziyi’s crossbody bag. The photos infuriated Huijie, who ranted online against Ziyi for acting like a phoney with Apple.


Wang Feng praised Ziyi in his note for treating her stepdaughter well. “Many times when Apple was feeling lonely and helpless, it was Ziyi who comforted and loved her.”

“She gives Apple thoughtful presents and takes her on outings, she trims her fingernails and braids her hair, she teaches her English, she hugs her and talks to her and wipes away the child’s tears.”

“For woman who’s not a blood relation, how rare is this? … Let the child have some good memories, and leave yourself some dignity.”

Wang Feng was dating Huijie when she gave birth to Apple, Wang Feng’s eldest daughter, at age 18. The musician and Ziyi welcomed Xing Xing, his third daughter, last December 27.

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