Wang Feng’s ex comments on their daughter’s crying fit

The 11-year-old had burst into tears at the 100-day party of her step-sister


Photos: PBE Media

Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng had organised a 100-day party for their daughter, Xing Xing, on Sunday. Wang Feng’s daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Chinese model Ge Huijie, also made an appearance onstage that night, and played the piano. After her performance, 11-year-old Apple had burst into tears onstage, with Ziyi wiping away her tears.

Yesterday, Huijie posted on Weibo a now-deleted picture of Apple crying at the party, with the caption, “I only wanted to know why my daughter was crying!”

The model later posted again after deleting the previous picture, saying, “Baby, don’t cry. It’s all mum’s fault,” showing how much her heart ached for her daughter.

Huijie’s posts garnered mostly negative responses from netizens, who replied with, “Every time something happens regarding Wang Feng, you will definitely have something to say. You really don’t want to be forgotten, do you?” and “Why can’t you just start anew and live your own life?”


Ziyi also posted pictures of the party and Xing Xing that night, captioning it, “Darling Xing Xing, you’re my proudest achievement, thank you for choosing me to be your mother, nothing is more important than love”, making no mention of Huijie’s earlier posts.

Netizens left comments like, “Be good to your eldest daughter [as well]”, “[Xing Xing’s] round face is so cute”, and “100% clone of Wang Feng”, on Ziyi’s post, a sharp contrast to the mostly negative comments left on Huijie’s post.

Huijie gave birth to Wang Feng’s eldest daughter, Apple in 2005 while the two were dating, and has lashed out a few times at Wang Feng online. The singer also has a second daughter with his ex-wife, Kang Zuoru, whom he divorced in 2013.

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