Wang Feng’s ex is now engaged to another man

The model reveals that she has moved on


Known for her frequent Weibo posts bashing both her ex-boyfriend, Chinese rocker Wang Feng, and his current wife, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, Chinese model Ge Huijie has now professed to have “moved on”.

The 29-year-old used to date Wang Feng, and gave birth to their daughter, Apple Wang in 2005. The couple went separate ways shortly after and Wang Feng raised Apple on his own.

On Wednesday, however, the model took to Weibo to announce that this will be “the last time” she is giving Wang Feng a chance to “get into the headlines”, before continuing on to rant about Wang Feng’s treatment of her daughter.

“It’s not right for you to allow your new squeeze to take care of my daughter, and it’s even worse when you make use of me to get yourself in the news, to earn money for your womanising ways,” she posted.

She then continued on, writing with a tinge of sadness, “You only care about what you want, and neglect what you once had.”

Finally, she ended her series of posts by posting a picture of her with a man, revealing that she is currently engaged, and asked for everyone to “stop thinking that I’m still in love with him [Wang Feng].”

Later, netizens found out that the man in Huijie’s picture is actually her manager, throwing doubt on Huijie’s claim of having found love.

After Wang Feng split from Huijie, he went on to marry Kang Zuoru, who gave birth to his second daughter, Jingyi in 2012. The couple then divorced the following year, with Ziyi and Wang Feng tying the knot after the Chinese rocker proposed at her birthday last year. The couple welcomed their first child, Xing Xing, in December the same year.

Photos: PBE Media

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