Wang Xiaofei dismisses family discord rumours

The Chinese millionaire commemorates his fourth wedding anniversary with Barbie Hsu with a sweet family portrait

Wang Xiaofei dismisses family discord rumours

Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei recently shared a family photo, dispelling rumours that he and Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu are facing a rough patch in their marriage as his family is allegedly facing a financial crisis.

The news broke earlier this month when sources revealed that the court had ordered to freeze the monetary assets of Xiaofei’s mother Zhang Lan, the CEO of renowned Chinese restaurant group Southern Beauty, posing a threat to Xiaofei’s family assets that are said to worth millions of dollars.

The situation worsened when Barbie coincidentally stated that she has no intentions of having a second child after the rumours started, drawing speculations that her decision was brought about by the problems in her husband’s family.

Moreover, Xiaofei was also recently accused by his ‘arch-enemy’ Wang Sicong to have physically abused Barbie. Sicong made malicious claims on his Weibo that Xiaofei had slapped Barbie in the face on their wedding day.

However, the 33-year-old ignored the rumours and instead, posted a family portrait on his Weibo to celebrate the fourth anniversary of his marriage with Barbie yesterday.
In the photo, Xiaofei had affectionately held on to Barbie’s arm while she carried their baby girl Wang Xi Yue in her arms.

He attached a heartfelt message on his marriage that read: “Today, it is the fourth anniversary of our marriage. Xi Yue would also be turning 11 months old in two days’ time. Over the years, I have been frequently flying between Taipei and Beijing to fulfil my responsibility as a good father. To accommodate my career, my wife and my child accompanied me wherever I go.”

Xiaofei also responded to the rumours about his family for the first time. “Once again, I would like to thank everyone for your blessings. Everything (in my family) is going pretty well, contentment brings us joy,” he wrote succinctly.

Barbie also clarified the status of her marriage as she replied, “I am happy every day because I have my daughter with me. My husband has also tuned into a gentle and caring man. Thank you for your concern.”

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