What happened between Jacky Wu and Jay Chou?

Rumours of discord between the two are rife

What happened between Jacky Wu and Jay Chou?
Veteran Taiwanese host Jacky Wu’s absence from Jay Chou’s extravagant Taipei wedding on Monday night has reignited rumours of discord between the two.

At an awards ceremony in 2000, then-rookie Jay specially thanked his mentor Jacky in his acceptance speech. “If not for Jacky Wu, there would be no Jay Chou,” he said.

However, Jacky’s name was nowhere to be found on the wedding invitation list, leading to speculations on the reasons behind their soured relationship.

Celebrity guests posed for a group photo with the newlyweds at the wedding on Monday night.
After Jacky’s LED business failed in 2002, the popular host sold his record company Alfa Music along with Jay’s contract for a huge sum of money. This is widely believed to mark the start of Jay’s unhappiness towards Jacky.  

When Jay’s love affair with Taiwanese anchor Patty Hou was exposed in 2005, the singer was slammed for being a two-timer as a result of Jacky’s comments that “the double J (Jay and Jolin Tsai) romance did exist”.
Although Jacky later clarified that his words were twisted by reporters, the mentor and disciple have not appeared in public events together since then.

In response to the reports, JVR Music denied that Jacky and Jay are on bad terms. The representative also revealed that Jacky’s name was originally on the invitation list, but the final list was solely decided by Jay’s mother.

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