Who is Lynn Hung’s Mr. Right?

The Chinese model-actress is said to be dating Hong Kong actress Kenix Kwok’s brother 

Who is Lynn Hung’s Mr. Right?

Chinese actress-model Lynn Hung gushed about finding her Mr. Right more than a year after her much-publicised split from longtime boyfriend, singer Aaron Kwok, last April.

Her secrecy about the identity of her new beau led to speculations that he is not from the entertainment industry – but a photo circulating on the internet have led some to believe that her Mr. Right is Hong Kong actress Kenix Kwok’s brother, Kwok Ho Chung.

Who is Lynn Hung’s Mr. Right?
Since her split from Aaron, Lynn lamented about her desire to find love once again and was linked to numerous bachelors, including local tycoon Rodney Lee, Chinese actor Chen Hao and Korean entertainer Kim Jong Kook.

She repeatedly denied all the rumours but did not do so when asked about Ho Chung. She shared when asked about her new romance, “(I’m) working hard and have a goal (since) there’s someone that I like quite a bit. (Is it Kenix Kwok’s brother?) I won’t say anything else.”

Hong Kong reporters then commented that the two look good together from the photo that was taken while they were having a meal, to which she responded, “Really? I’m still working hard.”

When asked if she would reveal his identity after the relationship stabilises, the 34-year-old replied, “I’ll say more when I can.”

While she declined to speak further about their relationship, she did, however, reveal that she will not be spending her Christmas with her boyfriend. “I have work before and after (Christmas), but I’ll be throwing a party in Hong Kong with a bunch of people.”

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