Wilber Pan discharged from hospital

The singer returned home yesterday, after a week’s stay in the hospital, without alerting the public

潘玮柏悄出院回家养伤 商演喊停丢金蛋

A week after Taiwanese-based singer Wilber Pan sustained a 17cm-long head injury during a mid-air stunt rehearsal for his concert at the Taipei Arena, he has been discharged from the hospital yesterday.

The 34-year-old expressed gratitude for the concern he received through his management label, “To avoid disturbing the public and other patients, Wilber has returned home to recuperate. We thank the medical personnel of Cathay General Hospital for their care.”

The doctor praised Wilber for his amazing recovery speed, but advised him from wearing any caps in the time being to prevent infection. As he had to shave the hair around the wound, the earliest he can perform again is believed to be in February, after his hair grows out and when he fully recovers.

In addition to the concert, 10 other activities organised by sponsors from now till mid-December have been cancelled too, causing an estimated loss of NT$10million (approximately S$420,000).

After Wilber promised that he will be back for another gig, his manager revealed they have arranged for a new date at the Taipei Arena and the quickest will be next year.

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