Wilber Pan injures his head during concert rehearsal

The Mandopop singer’s head started bleeding and had to cancel his concert to seek medical treatment

潘玮柏彩排撞破头 大量出血送医

American-born Taiwanese-based singer Wilber Pan injured his head while rehearsing for his mid-air stunt segment for his concert tomorrow at the Taipei Arena.

The incident happened in the wee hours this morning after Wilber practiced the act for more than 10 times. Due to fatigue and a loss of balance, he ended up hitting his head.

According the crew members, the 34-year-old started moaning in pain while being suspended in the air and bled severely after he was safely pulled to the ground.

潘玮柏彩排撞破头 大量出血送医3

Wilber was then rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed to have suffered from a concussion. His wound was approximately 17cm long and the doctor performed two stitching procedures for him. It is understood that his bleeding is now under control.

As the actor-singer has to be under observation for five to seven days, his music label Universal Music Group has cancelled the concert tomorrow and will announce the new date as soon as possible.

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