Wilber Pan insures himself for S$2.1m

The singer successfully held his first concert at Taipei Arena on Saturday

Wilber Pan insures himself for S$2.1m
Taiwan-based singer Wilber Pan finally realised his dream of performing at Taipei Arena on Saturday (Jan 31), following an accident during rehearsal last October which caused the concert to be postponed indefinitely.

Although most of the dangerous stunts were altered, Wilber retained a segment that required him to “fly” in midair. Sources revealed that the 34-year-old had kept it a secret from his parents and appeared to be very nervous during rehearsals.

In order not to pressurise the crew, Wilber practised through gritted teeth and pulled off the stunt successfully during the actual show. Safety precautions such as wire harnesses were fully in place, while a safety technician was on standby to ensure everything went on smoothly.

Wilber Pan insures himself for S$2.1m

According to media reports, the singer insured himself for NT$50 million (approximately S$2.1 million) from three different companies for the gig.

Holding his concert just three months after the accident, Wilber’s speedy recovery from his head injury is also said to have surprised his doctor. 

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