Wilber Pan posts photo of his massive scar on Facebook

Singer marks one year since he sustained the 17-cm gash during concert rehearsal

Wilber Pan

To celebrate his “rebirth,” Taiwanese-American pop singer Wilber Pan posted a Facebook photo of the 17-cm semicircular scar on his scalp, a memento from a nasty injury he sustained the year before while rehearsing for his concert at the Taipei Arena.

“One year later, October 25, happy rebirth,” he wrote on Sunday.

Wilber Pan 2

The 35-year-old singer was rehearsing a challenging mid-air manoeuvre for his Kingdom of Eve concert when he fell from a height of three floors and landed on his head. He lost a lot of blood and was rushed to hospital for stitches.

Celebrity friends including Rainie Yang, Selina Jen and Ella Chen were shocked by his injury and left him messages encouraging his recovery. Wilber’s concert was postponed for three months and it went off without a hitch this January.

Wilber Pan 3

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