Wilber Pan removes stitches for 17cm wound

The singer will make his comeback at the countdown show next month 

潘玮柏自爆拆线伤疤照 跨年秀复出唱跳
Taiwan-based singer Wilber Pan, who sustained a 17cm-long wound on his head during his concert rehearsal last month, updated on his condition with a Facebook post yesterday.
In his post, the 34-year-old attached a photo of the scar, which is said to resemble a smiley, and shared that stitches have been removed. Although Wilber is recovering well, the doctor has advised against vigorous activities for the time being.
Wilber’s manager also told reporters that the singer has been raring to return to the stage after watching other artistes’ performances on TV. “He wants to resume dance practice as soon as possible, but the doctor told him to take it slow, fearing that his wound would split,” he said.
Meanwhile, the company is planning to arrange “light activities” for Wilber, such as TV appearances and attending award ceremonies, starting end November. His official comeback will likely take place during the countdown show next month.
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