Wilber Pan, Wu Xin captivate fans during their duet

The pair have previously been given the nickname of “koala couple” and have always been asked to make appearances together

Wilber Pan

Taiwanese Mandopop singer Wilber Pan and Chinese host Wu Xin delighted many fans after pictures of the two of them performing together were released. Fans have always seen them as a couple after they played onscreen lovers on the third season of the Chinese reality programme, We Are in Love, this year. and have even dubbed them the “koala couple.” Many have been calling for a reunion ever since and it looks like their wishes have been granted as Wilber appeared alongside Wu Xin last month, guest starring in an episode of the Chinese game show she was hosting, Happy Camp.

The production company of the programme released photos of the pair two days ago which showed them singing together. The pair did indeed look like a real-life couple, singing side by side in matching black outfits, with Wu Xin holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand.

Wilber Pan1

The two then playfully took many selfies in different poses, which led to many fans calling them their “favourite couple” of all time and “shipping” them together.

Many also pointed out that Wu Xin’s attitude towards Wilber was different from other guests. In a video where she was introducing two artistes, she did not hesitate to talk about the first person, fellow host Hito Du, who was her old friend of 12 years and even elaborated on all that they had been through together.

However, when it came to introducing Wilber, she merely smiled shyly and did not say much while Wilber looked on cheekily.

Wilber has also mentioned that it was “fate” brought on by music that allowed them to meet, after being asked by host He Jiong whether the “two of them had met after working on songs together.”

Wilber and Wu Xin initially gained popularity on We Are in Love and instantly became a fan favourite due to their undeniable chemistry. When asked to come up with a couple nickname, “koala couple” was suggested by fans as they remembered that a koala was an animal that Wu Xin had previously mentioned she wanted to be. At the same time, the Chinese pronunciation of koala was also very similar to their names, making it very appropriate.

Photos: PBE Media

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