Will Myolie Wu be renewing her TVB contract?

Rumour has it, she’ll be starting her own wedding boutique and selling bridal dresses in August

Will Myolie Wu be renewing her contract?

Over the past few days, many rumours circulated about how Hong Kong actress-singer Myolie Wu won’t be renewing her expiring TVB contract, after 16 years of being with the company, because of wedding plans with her entrepreneur boyfriend Phil Lee and other plans to become the owner of a wedding boutique.

The rumours claimed that she will be starting her bridal shop in August to get a taste of what it’s like to be a lady boss and simultaneously prepare for her own wedding that is supposedly happening at the end of the year.

All this began when Myolie revealed in an interview that she has reached the age where she would like to venture into something new and slow things down a little, which was speculated to be implying that she does not wish to renew her contract any longer.

However, Myolie denied the rumours to a reporter via WhatsApp yesterday: “I’m sorry, I don’t have any plans at the moment… Although my contract is expiring, I can’t bear to let it end. At the moment, I have no new plans to announce because I’m still busy with my acting career... Thank you for your concern.”

Virginia Lok, TVB’s production resources executive and Myolie’s manager said, “I’ve worked with Myolie for so many years and I’m concerned about the next stage of her life. Female artistes should get married too, no matter what.”

When asked about whether or not Myolie will be renewing her contract, Virginia bluntly replied, “Please give her (Myolie) some space to gather her thoughts on this. I’ve already arranged a meeting with her to discuss, so don’t worry.”

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