William Feng ends his three-year relationship with Ni Ni

The Chinese celebrity couple is said to have split on peaceful terms earlier this year

William Feng ends his three-year relationship with Ni Ni

Known by many as a model couple in the entertainment industry, Chinese actor William Feng and his actress-girlfriend Ni Ni parted ways in February this year.

On Sunday, Chinese media unexpectedly released news of their break-up, shocking fans as the pair had frequently expressed their affection for each other on Weibo and often complimented the other party as their perfect match during the course of their three-year relationship.

They also claimed that William had hinted the break-up in February as he posted and quickly deleted a post that read, “My greatest challenge this year is dealing with disappointment. It has been three years, but I guess we can only keep whatever’s left of our feelings in our hearts. It’s great that we are not blaming or hating each other.”

William Feng ends his three-year relationship with Ni Ni

An insider added that William and Nini tried to reconcile their relationship after Valentine’s Day this year, but the couple was unable to put aside their differences, thus making the decision to settle as friends instead.

Netizens pointed out that Nini, who once said that she would definitely tie the knot with William, behaved strangely during Valentine’s Day as she changed her stance when the media popped the question about their marriage.

William’s manager also swiftly confirmed the news after its release, expressing through a text message that the couple have ended their relationship amicably. As his manager, I am extremely sorry but I also give them my blessings. Thank you everyone for your concern.”

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