Woman pictured is not David Tao’s ex-girlfriend: Rep

David Tao was merely sending Carina Chen home and she clarified, “David and I are just friends”

Woman pictured is not David Tao’s ex-girlfriend: Rep

Less than a month after his public apology for cheating on wife Penny Jiang, Taiwanese actor-singer David Tao was witnessed getting into a car with a woman in a low-cut dress after getting drunk at a bar on Monday night. After the news broke out, Penny even took down her original profile picture of the two of them and replaced her cover photo with a picture of a sea view.

Netizens claimed that the woman was “one of David’s ex-girlfriends”, actress Carina Chen, who played a supporting role in 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy. The rumours even stated that the two had “been in a relationship for many years” and that “she was disheartened when she read about David and Penny’s wedding in the papers”.

As a result, reporters attempted to interview Carina over the phone, but the moment she heard David’s name, she hurriedly hung up the phone call. A friend clarified in her place that although she was the one witnessed leaving the bar with David, Carina is currently attached to another man.

Netizens even posted new photos of Carina with her real boyfriend online last night, showing that they are unaffected by the rumours because they still walked hand in hand and hugged each other in the pictures.

Woman pictured is not David Tao’s ex-girlfriend: Rep

Confirming that she was the woman in the car with David that night, Carina clarified on her Facebook, “David and I are just friends and we have never been in a relationship! We were just meeting friends that night and Mr Tao was very kind to have his driver sent him home and then send me home because he knew that I lived further away from the bar than our other friends.”

David’s representative added on to their previous explanation and said that David was having dinner with his wife and parents before joining his friends at the bar because their friend had just returned from America.

“Carina Chen is not his ex-girlfriend. The two are just friends… He merely asked his driver to send her home. The situation is that simple,” continued the representative.

When reporters approached Penny’s father, he blurted, “It’s outrageous. He should shape up,” but her brother added on to say that he isn’t sure about what the situation really is and asked the media to stop chasing them for answers.

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