Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li to hold wedding in Disneyland

The celebrity couple have previously spent all major occasions at the theme park 

Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li
Following Hong Kong celebrity Wong Cho Lam’s surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend, China-born actress Leanne Li, at TVB’s anniversary show on Wednesday, reports claimed that the couple will hold a 100-table wedding banquet at Hong Kong Disneyland on Feb 14 next year.
Known to be huge fans of Mickey Mouse, Cho Lam and Leanne have reportedly spent all major occasions, such as birthdays and Valentine’s Day, at the theme park. When asked if the wedding will be aired on TV, Leanne denied it and said: “There’s no need to, since the proposal was already broadcast ‘live’.”
After their high-profile engagement, Cho Lam flew to Chongqing for the programme recording of variety show Running Man China, while Leanne has resumed filming for a new drama.
Leanne Li
“[I am] so happy! I think I’d need one week to calm down. I wear the ring to sleep every night and I want to wear it every day to show people that I was proposed to!” the actress exclaimed.
The 29-year-old also estimated her diamond ring to be at least three carats. “It doesn’t matter because I will marry him even if he proposes with a key!” she laughed.
On the other hand, Cho Lam promised to announce details of the wedding after he wraps up the work on hand. The 34-year-old also declined to reveal the cost of the ring, saying that “sincerity is most important”.
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