Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li predicted to divorce

Following a touching proposal last week on ‘live’ TV, the couple has been predicted to divorce 

Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam

After dating for five years, TVB actor Wong Cho Lam mustered his courage to propose to girlfriend Leanne Li at the ‘live’ broadcast of TVB anniversary show last Wednesday (Nov 19). While the moment was witnessed by other TVB actors, fans as well as the public, they have been predicted to divorce like other couples whose wedding were aired ‘live’.

Last month, Leanne had reportedly revealed in an interview that wedding plans are underway, leading to talks that the proposal was just for show. Netizens have also speculated that the gesture was to secure viewership ratings for TVB as drama The Election was coincidentally showing on HKTV, a competitor channel.

Additionally, many pointed out couples like Chow Yun Fat and Candice Yu, Alex Man and Niu Tien, as well as Kenny Bee and Teresa Cheung ended up splitting after their wedding banquets were aired ‘live’, and predicted Cho Lam and Leanne to go separate ways eventually as well.

Wong Cho Lam proposes to Leanne Li

Leung Sze Ho, host of variety show Yu Le Pan Si Guan, criticised Cho Lam on the show for being too attention-seeking and added, “Even if someone told you to do so, I would reject the idea if I were him. The weddings handled by TVB all ended up in divorces.”

Actor Eric Tsang, who is Cho Lam’s buddy and the brain behind the idea, revealed, “I said why not make it big, propose at the show! I thought about it for a night and it was as though I was getting myself a wife. To keep it a secret, those who helped out only knew about it the day before.” But he had no intentions of stealing the limelight of the show.

Responding to this, the groom-to-be who is currently in Chong Qing, China expressed his thoughts through his manager, “We [both Leanne and I] are Christians and we do as we like. I will treat everyone’s opinions as a form of blessing for us, thank you.”

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