Work comes before relationships for Magic Power

The Taiwanese electric-pop and rock band would begin to expand their music career outside Asia, but it also means that love would take a backseat for now

Work comes before relationships for Magic Power

Six-member Taiwanese band Magic Power has established its reputation as one of the fastest-rising and top electric-pop and rock bands in Taiwan, but its members are not planning to rest on their laurels as they are eager to make their name known outside Asia.

Though it may most likely mean that the members’ love life will take a backseat, they are not at all frazzled by the thought.

In town last weekend for an outdoor concert along Orchard Road jointly organised by YES 933, B’in Music and Rock Records, band leader-cum-bassist Kai Kai and drummer Ah Xiang took the opportunity to thank and praise local fans for their warm welcome for the band at the airport.

During the one and a half years since their last visit, Magic Power has achieved stellar results by successfully holding its first sold-out gig at the Taipei Arena last December, easily matching up to its senior, iconic Taiwanese rock band Mayday. It is also set to hold its second concert in its hometown this July at the Kaohsiung Arena.

When asked if they would call themselves ‘top-notch’, DJ Gugu replied humbly, “I don’t think so. Our only thought was that we went against all odds and finally got to perform on stage. Hence, we needed to showcase the experiences we have built up over the years. It was more like fulfilling a long-time wish.”

Lead vocalist Tingting added, “We really didn’t think of ourselves as ‘top-notch’. We only felt that we did not disappoint our senior Ah Xin (Mayday’s lead vocalist).”

Work comes before relationships for Magic Power

New album to be out in June

While the members said modestly that they have a long way to go, they are definitely taking a lesson or two from the success of Mayday with their current plans to reach out to music lovers in the West.

At the end of the month, the band would hold its first performance in America, staging a campus concert in Los Angeles.

Though the thought of performing to a completely foreign audience may seem daunting, Gugu calmly expressed that instead of feeling jitters, the members are eager to start afresh as new artistes abroad.

“We would be having a series of concerts in different schools and I’m sure many people would not know who we are. However, we hope to relive the days when we started out as a rookie band performing at schools or live houses, as that is when we touch them purely through our music,” he shared.

The band will also release an English compilation album as early as June this year. Not only will it include remakes of their popular songs in English, they will also compose two new English and Mandarin songs for the album.

In preparation for their upcoming activities, the members are also diligently attending a crash course to improve their English.

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