Wu Chun and family spend Chinese New Year in Melbourne

The Brunei-born actor was said to be very friendly towards members of the public 

Wu Chun and family spend Chinese New Year in Melbourne
Brunei-born actor Wu Chun and his family, including his two kids Nei Nei and Max as well as a long-haired woman who is believed to be his wife Lin Liying, were recently spotted at the airport. They reportedly travelled to Melbourne for the Chinese New Year holiday last week.

According to witnesses, Wu Chun had no airs as he led the pack while carrying Nei Nei in his arms. On the other hand, the actor’s relatives helped look after his one-year-old son Max who was happily running about in the departure area.

While dining at a restaurant, Wu Chun is said to have fed Nei Nei on his own, even though his helper was around. A netizen wrote about her encounter in a microblog post: “He is very gentlemanly as he helped serve food to his relatives. He is very close to his daughter who sat on his lap after eating. He even shook our hands to wish us ‘Happy New Year’ before he left. He is a handsome and great man!”

Subsequently, some fans bumped into Wu Chun and the unnamed lady at a bank. However, the woman claimed that she is just a relative and declined photo requests. 

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