Wu Chun’s one-year-old son finally calls him “Dad”

The Brunei actor threw a birthday party for himself and his family last Friday.

吴尊一家4口同天庆生 满周岁儿喊爸爸3.jpg

Brunei singer-actor Wu Chun celebrated his 35th birthday last Friday (Oct 10) with a huge party for himself and his family.

Wu Chun shares the same birthday as his 3-year-old daughter Wu Xin Yi, better known as Nei Nei, on October 10, while his wife shares the same birthday as their one-year-old son, Max Wu – Oct 11.

Although he admitted to being “super busy” that day and thus only managed to whip up fruit salads, the biggest and most pleasant surprise the 35-year-old received that day was when Max finally called him “Dad”.

吴尊一家4口同天庆生 满周岁儿喊爸爸1.jpg

Wu Chun had personally decorated his house with his drawings and arranged for six chefs to put together a buffet spread which included barbequed meats, Shawarma, Japanese cuisine and ice cream in the shape of cars. He even engaged a live band to entertain his 200 guests. The loving father also specially decorated the walls with scenes from Disney movie Frozen for NeiNei and prepared four different birthday cakes, one for each member of the family.

In addition, Wu Chun did his bid for charity on his birthday, donating NT$4.5million (approximately S$184,500) from sales of his book Ignite Courage Wu Chun (2013) to aid the less privileged in Taiwan, China and Brunei.

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