Xiu Jie Kai has the support of Alyssa Chia’s daughter

Alyssa Chia’s daughter Angelina Sun is supportive of her relationship with Xiu Jie Kai

Xiu Jie Kai has the support of Alyssa Chia’s daughter

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai posted a photo of Angelina Sun (Alyssa Chia’s daughter from her previous marriage with Sun Zhihao) and himself on Weibo yesterday (May 19).

In the picture, Angelina was peering into Jie Kai’s phone while resting on his back, showing off their close “father-daughter” relationship.

40-year-old Alyssa started dating Jie Kai, who is eight years her junior, last year. According to media reports, Jie Kai gained Angelina’s trust within a short period of time and the two have since become very chummy with each other.

After the couple revealed Alyssa’s pregnancy via Facebook recently, Angelina also showed her support by posing in the announcement photo.

Following Jie Kai’s Weibo post yesterday, netizens expressed their well wishes for the “family of four”.

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