Xiu Jie Kai officially enlists into the army

The actor will be undergoing 22 days of basic training


Xiu Jie Kai’s family has been in the spotlight recently, with their appearance on the reality show Super Mom.

The 33-year-old, who has pushed back his enlistment date, officially started serving the nation today, according to the Taiwanese government.

Jie Kai’s wife, Alyssa Chia, had recently organised an army themed farewell party for him, even getting his close friends and family to help shave his hair, with Alyssa herself taking the first and last shaves.

Today, the actor reported to the Chen Gong Ling training center, where he has enlisted as part of the alternative service class. There, Jie Kai will receive basic training together with the 164th batch of recruits, for 22 days.

As Jie Kai is part of the alternative service class due to his family, the actor will work at the New Taipei City Government for a year after his basic training. While there, Jie Kai will be able to be closer to his house, and can return home every day.

Photos: PBE Media

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