Xiu Jie Kai: The baby’s health is our top priority now

The soon-to-be parents will register for marriage soon and are in discussion about a wedding

Xiu Jie Kai: The baby’s health is our top priority now

Two days ago, Chinese actor Xiu Jie Kai attended an event and was more than happy to share about his pregnant girlfriend Taiwanese television host-actress Alyssa Chia (also known as Niu Niu).

Jie Kai admitted, “I’m a little nervous,” and couldn’t contain his smile when he continued to explain that her pregnancy has been smooth-sailing so far, praising the “ever-beautiful” Alyssa. The two will be welcoming a new daughter nicknamed “Bu Bu” into the family in September.

The 32-year-old actor revealed that he wants to officially make Alyssa his wife and the couple is planning to register for marriage soon.

Currently, they’ve decided that the wedding will take place before the child is born and Jie Kai explained, “[Alyssa] wants to keep it simple with the wedding ceremony, but for now, we’re still in discussion and no specific details have been confirmed. The wedding may not even happen. We’re placing the child’s health as our top priority.”

The 40-year-old “Queen of drama” has been in a chummy brother-sister relationship with Jie Kai since last year and they gradually grew closer over time. They would often share about their feelings for each other and supportive fans even gave the pair their blessings.

Now, Jie Kai said that he has even grown close to Alyssa’s daughter, Angelina Sun, from her first marriage, but would not want her to call him dad: “You can only have one mother and father. It’s a fact that will never change.”

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