Xiu Jie Kai upset with JR for trying to make headlines

Actor’s marathon timing beaten by 11 minutes

Alyssa Chia, Xiu Jie Kai

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai is upset with fellow celeb JR (aka Ji Yan Kai) for the latter’s attempts at grabbing headlines with his marathon timing.

JR recently completed the Shanghai International Marathon in 1 hour 39 minutes, pulling ahead of Jie Kai’s 1 hour 50 minutes record timing. JR had set himself the goal of becoming the fastest artiste before the race, and after he broke the record he said, “This is the most meaningful birthday gift this year.”

However, Jie Kai was upset with JR for sensationalising his race result, and wrote on Facebook on November 8: “When I’m running I’m never competing with anyone, nor am I trying to be the so-called fastest artiste. Everytime I run I’m competing with myself. I’m sorry, you’re not the fastest, because we didn’t race each other. Please don’t try to grab headlines, thank you.”

JR Ji Yan Kai

JR’s management agency issued an apology to Jie Kai on Monday, saying JR had chosen his words unwisely, and explained that he had made Jie Kai’s marathon timing his goal after finding out the latter held the record.

Some internet users commented that JR should have called Jie Kai to apologise personally, but JR said, “[Jie Kai] wouldn’t answer my calls.”

When asked about the incident, Jie Kai’s wife, actress Alyssa Chia, tried to ease the tension by saying, “I think being emulated is a good thing,” when she appeared at the MaxMara store opening ceremony on Monday in Taipei. It was her first public media appearance after she gave birth to her daughter, nicknamed “Bu Bu,” in August.

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