Xiu Jie Kai visits newborn daughter during lunch break

Actor posts selfie with sleeping infant; “Now I can take on the rest of the day,” he says

Xiu Jie Kai

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai can’t stay away from his newborn daughter. On Monday, he posted a selfie on Weibo with his daughter dressed in pink and sound asleep on his chest. “I get to feel your warmth during my workday break, and now I can take on the rest of the day,” he wrote.

Actress Alyssa Chia gave birth to their daughter, nicknamed Bu Bu, by c-section on August 14, Taiwan media reports, and the first-time father is eager to start fulfilling daddy duties.

In the photo only Bu Bu’s back view is visible, and many fans posted comments asking for a look at her face, along with congratulations: “That’s the little dear’s bed,” “So adorable,” “Be happy.”

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