Xiu Jie Kai will organise a proper wedding for wife Alyssa Chia

Actor denies daughter’s second-month party was combined with nuptials

Xiu Jie Kai 1

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai denied his wedding to actress Alyssa Chia was combined with the second-month party they recently held for their daughter, nicknamed “Bu Bu.”

“[If I did that] my wife would get angry, it’s too simple,” Jie Kai said yesterday at a promotional event. He played store manager for a day for a brand he acts as spokesman for.

He said he would organise a proper wedding for Alyssa and it would take time to plan.

Xiu Jie Kai 2

At Bu Bu’s party in late October, Jie Kai and Alyssa served cupcakes decorated with bride and groom toppers, leading many to suspect the infant’s party was also the wedding party for her parents.

Jie Kai is expected to enlist for military service early next year, and yesterday he said he could apply to take up Substitute Military Service instead, so that he could go home every day to be with his family.

Asked whether he dressed Bu Bu up for Halloween, Jie Kai said he had no interest in the Western holiday, and the infant was too tiny for costumes.

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