Xiu Jie Kai will visit Alyssa Chia’s family during Chinese New Year

The May-December romance is going strong 

Xiu Jie Kai and Alyssa Chia
The May-December romance between Taiwanese celebrities Xiu Jie Kai and Alyssa Chia is going strong, as the former recently revealed that he will be visiting his girlfriend’s family during the upcoming Chinese New Year.

At a charity event on Monday, Jie Kai took part in a dumpling wrapping activity with two girls from needy families. The 31-year-old was particularly upset to hear that the children could only afford bread and cup noodles for their reunion dinner, and rallied for everyone to make generous donations.

When asked if he has become extra concerned about kids’ issues because of Alyssa’s 9-year-old daughter Angelina Sun (nicknamed “Wutong Mei”), the actor replied with a laugh: “I’ve always liked children. There’s no special reason.”

Xiu Jie Kai will visit Alyssa Chia’s family during Chinese New Year
According to sources, Jie Kai has been in close contact with Alyssa’s mother for a long time. Singing praises of her cooking, the actor listed braised snacks, chicken soup and stewed beef as his favourite dishes. Jie Kai also promised to give a red packet to Angelina when he goes to his girlfriend’s home during the festive season.

As to whether Alyssa, who has not met his parents, would be paying a visit to his house, Jie Kai let on that it would depend on the actress’ schedule.

In addition, the Black & White actor also said that he will enlist into the military by early next year, without ruling out the possibility of tying the knot before that. “I haven’t thought much [about marriage]. Let nature take its course,” he reiterated.

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