Yang Mi reveals why she doesn’t post pictures of her daughter

“I don’t wish for my daughter to be different from everyone else,” says the actress


Unlike most celebrity parents who tend to share pictures of their offspring on social networking sites, Chinese actress Yang Mi and her Hong Kong actor husband Hawick Lau have bucked the trend. The couple seldom post any pictures of their daughter, nicknamed “Xiao Nuo Mi” (or Little Glutinous Rice), who will turn 2 in June.

The only pictures of the elusive 1-year-old were revealed by a fan, who managed to catch the family out on the streets.  Recently, Yang Mi, who has been embroiled in rumours of a “loveless marriage” with her husband, spoke to the media regarding their family life.

In a recent interview, Yang Mi shared why the couple guards the privacy of their daughter so closely.

“Xiao Nuo Mi is still young, and [we] don’t wish for her to feel that she’s different from everyone else from a young age. We hope for her to grow up in an environment where she’s not observed for every action she makes.”

Additionally, the public initially believed that after getting married, Yang Mi will turn her attention to her family and lessen her workload, which is typical of many celebrity mums.  However, the 29-year-old has continued working like before, giving rise to the rumours of a “loveless marriage”.

However, the actress has recently revealed in an interview that she’s working to “adjust her life, bit by bit”, and has tried her best to ensure that her schedule isn’t too packed.

The mother-of-one also shared that she feels that “a woman needs to have her dreams and her career”, even if they have their own family. Yang Mi also divulged that there “needs to be a balance between the two [one’s career and family]”, and that it shouldn’t “lean towards one or the other”.

Yang Mi and Hawick married on January 8 two years ago, and gave birth to their daughter, nicknamed ‘Xiao Nuo Mi’ on June 1 in the same year.

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