Yang Zi Qing calls herself “a weak woman”

Netizens scoffed at Yang Zi Qing’s post about the media’s negative reports where she labels herself as “weak”

Yang Zi Qing calls herself “a weak woman”

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Chinese artist manager Yang Zi Qing (Ada) has become infamous over the past few weeks for causing major havoc in the news as a “third party in the relationships of Taiwanese actor-singer Lee Wei and singer-songwriter David Tao.

Even after her dramatic affair with David resolved with an apologetic press conference addressed by David himself, Zi Qing still continues to post on Weibo nearly every day to express her feelings about the matter.

At first, she remained very angry and claimed that she would expose even more evidence against David, even posting that “tears are for washing our eyes, to allow us to see things more clearly”.

However, she began to show her sorry side in her post two days ago where she admitted: “I was at fault too, I was not good enough for him… If scolding me makes you guys happy and helps you vent your feelings, then please continue.”

Her sudden change of heart also led to a difference in the way netizens treated her, as they began to encourage her instead.

Yang Zi Qing calls herself “a weak woman”

That also changed when Zi Qing posted again yesterday, showing her dissatisfaction about the negative media reports about her: “The media shouldn’t misinterpret the truth and shouldn’t jump to the wrong conclusions. Although I am a weak woman, I know how to stand firm by what I believe in,” implying that the public shouldn’t simply believe David because of his fame.

Netizens scoffed at her post: “Just keep the truth to yourself”, “You really make me sick” and “You’re just doing this to make a few headlines”.

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