Yao Yuanhao denies girlfriend Cyndi Wang’s mother dislikes him

Actor says the three of them often dine together

Cyndi Wang, Yao Yuanhao

Taiwanese actor Yao Yuanhao denied his girlfriend Cyndi Wang’s mother dislikes him and objects to their getting married.

At a charity art event on Tuesday, the actor commented on rumours that he wasn’t close to Cyndi’s mother, and that the latter had said she “had no time to ask him to stay for a meal” when he delivered Cyndi’s dog to her in Taoyuan, Taiwan. “We often dine together, and just the day before yesterday we ate together too,” he said.

Yuanhao has been dating Cyndi, a Taiwanese actress and singer, for three years, and the couple, both 33, are often asked when they plan to wed. Yuanhao said it was unlikely to happen in the next one or two years, adding that his focus now was on her January 2 concert at the Taipei Arena.

The supportive boyfriend even said he has bought more than 50 tickets to Cyndi’s concert to give out to his friends, and added, “I’m her fan.”

The actor denied he would propose to Cyndi during her concert, saying he hasn’t bought the ring, but he added that he has long considered her his wife. “I’ve always been serious about it,” he said.

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