You can call me a man of passion: Anthony Neely

The Taiwanese singer responded to reports on his infidelity

Anthony Neely

Taiwanese singer Anthony Neely has finally responded to reports on his philandering behaviour, a month after his scandalous text exchanges with a lady known as “A” were exposed by the latter’s boyfriend.

While speaking to the media, Anthony admitted that he flew to the United States to appease his mother who was deeply affected about the reports. “How did I raise my son to become like this?” she cried.

Anthony also said that though spouses should be supportive of each other, husbands do not belong to their wives and vice versa. “I cherish the relationship with my wife very much and we don’t dish the dirt on each other,” he shared.

In terms of marriage, Anthony claimed to have a very different point of view from others. “If my wife falls in love with another man, I will still recognise her as my kid’s mother,” explained the singer.

Additionally, Anthony clarified that he was simply making friends with “A” and did not intend to hit on her. The 28-year-old also declared that he will continue to “be himself and seek happiness” in future. “You can call me a man of passion,” he said.

Anthony Neely's text exchanges with

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