Zhang Ziyi denies reports of family discord

Rumours claim the Chinese actress’ family made a scene and injured guests at the party

Zhang Ziyi denies reports of family discord
Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and Chinese rock singer Wang Feng strongly denied false allegations of Ziyi’s family making a scene on her 36th birthday party, when she tearfully accepted Wang Feng’s romantic marriage proposal.

A netizen recently claimed that the actual situation of the marriage proposal was contrary to its glamorous appearance as Ziyi’s family started a family brawl over their unhappiness of the surprise proposal.

Ziyi’s family, said to be unaware of Wang Feng’s proposal plans, was enraged to know that the 36-year-old actress said ‘I do’. Not only was her family rumoured to have raised their voices at Wang Feng, they allegedly turned it into a physical fight by smashing wine bottles and glasses.

While expressing their displeasure, guests were reportedly injured by glass shards and Leehom Wang’s wife, Li Jinglei, was also rumoured to have suffered a cut at the corner of her eye.

The day after the event, a screenshot of a message allegedly written by Ziyi’s brother Zhang Zinan was also shared online like wild fire. He was said to have accused Wang Feng of being a promiscuous and selfish man and praised his wife for speaking up for Ziyi to protect his family’s pride.

Zhang Ziyi denies reports of family discord
However, netizens were skeptical of these allegations as Zinan’s wife shared an article on Ziyi’s acceptance of Wang Feng’s proposal a day after the event and attached a rose emoticon to express her blessings for the couple.

On Feb 9, she also wished Ziyi a happy birthday and attached a photo of Ziyi, seemingly being on good terms with her sister-in-law.

When approached by the media by phone, Wang Feng’s manager snapped that the allegations were false and quickly hung up.

Ziyi, on the other hand, left an angry message on her Weibo, “How long do you plan to smear me like this? Haven’t you gotten enough of it? You are not only hurting me when you do this!”

Shortly after, she also posted a handwritten letter by her parents that said, “They have undergone a tough journey since they began dating. As witnesses of their relationship, we give Ziyi our greatest blessings and we are proud to have a new outstanding member in our family.”

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