Zhang Ziyi holds a 100-day party for her daughter

The actress and her stepdaughter showed their close relationship at the party

Photos: PBE Media


Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng organised a party for their daughter, Xing Xing, in Beijing yesterday night to celebrate her 100th day. The bash marked the first time Xing Xing’s face was fully revealed to the public.

The party’s theme was ‘Blooming in Love’, insinuating that Xing Xing was born because of love. 300 guests were invited, with celebrities Feng Xiaoguang, Ruby Lin and Christy Chung attending the bash as well.

Individual handwritten notes by the couple to Xing Xing was attached to their party invitations, of which Ziyi’s note to her daughter read: “You’re my proudest achievement, and everything that has happened before you were born was just the foundation. With your presence, my life has truly started.”

Meanwhile, husband Wang Feng’s note said, “Dad has experienced everything your mum has sacrificed for you, she’s really a great and selfless woman. [I] hope for you to grow up happily and peacefully, your happiness is your mum’s greatest reward. Dad and mum will accompany you through whatever the future holds. Remember, there is nothing more important than love.

Wang Feng’s eldest daughter, Apple, from his previous relationship with Chinese model Ge Huijie, was present at the party too.


The 11-year-old played the piano and even called Ziyi ‘mum’ in her thank you speech. Apple unexpectedly broke down in tears on stage and Ziyi was seen wiping away her stepdaughter’s tears and comforting her.

During the party, Wang Feng expressed his admiration for Ziyi and said, “I’ve been with her from when news of her pregnancy broke, to when she gave birth and up till now. I’ve seen what she has gone through. She has always shouldered on, and breastfed Xing Xing. Actually, Ziyi has had lots of choices [but] she still [chose to] go through all these. I feel that while we might have suffered a bit, when others say that I am brave, it really doesn’t count for anything. The mother has indeed suffered [the most].”

Ziyi, too, was in tears when it was her turn to share her thoughts on becoming a mother. “I always thought that my career is what I’m best at, now, I hope that I can re-evaluate my life. It’s been a while since I’ve met everyone, I guess this is a chance to meet everyone again,” she said.

Ziyi and Wang Feng tied the knot after the Chinese rocker proposed at her birthday last year. The couple welcomed their first child, Xing Xing, in December the same year.

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